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Call us now 732-246-7100

Recruiting the Best of the Best in the Pharmaceutical Field

Our pharma staffing specialists help companies build successful teams possessing the proper education, experience, and understanding of industry regulations.

Recruiting the Best of the Best

Successfully filling a pharmaceutical position is almost unrivaled in its difficulty. Finding the ideal combination of education, experience, expertise, and ethical understanding at the right price point takes a dedicated approach and a thorough effort. You can't just accept anyone if you want to compete in the pharmaceutical industry. Our pharma staffing specialists will ensure that you are shown the best of the best available pharma candidates.

We implement an intense vetting process where we evaluate applicants' credentials, match them against our clients' needs and filter the choices down to only the most highly qualified candidates. We realize that an incorrect hire in the pharmaceutical industry can be costly both financially and legally, with a myriad of regulations that must be adhered to. No one is more aware of the importance of finding the most qualified candidate who possesses these qualities than our experienced pharmaceutical recruitment specialists at TPG Staffing Pharma.

Facing Challenges Head On & Succeeding

At TPG Staffing Pharma we have a deep understanding of the challenges and constraints that pharmaceutical companies face each day in assembling and retaining the highly skilled workforces they need to compete and thrive in the ultra-competitive and ever-evolving global pharma marketplace. Whether you need a single direct hire for a mission-critical position or have to “staff-up” an entire project’s workforce in a variety of areas – our pharma staffing specialists have the experience and expertise to identify the best candidates with the skills you need, and quickly convert them into successful team members who will mesh with your existing staff and company culture.

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Skillfully Navigating an Ever-Changing Industry

There is perhaps no other field that relies so much on constant innovation – and is impacted as much by shifting governmental regulations – than the pharmaceutical industry. That is why it is so critical to have a recruiting partner who is intimately aware of what Pharma companies need today in terms of skills and qualifications from their employees in every sector of their operations. At TPG Staffing Pharma we have extensive experience “in the trenches” of the global war for talent that today’s successful pharmaceutical companies must wage every day to ensure that their workforce remains on the cutting edge of this field’s shifting technological and regulatory landscape. We are prepared to be your trusted partner in this endeavor, helping you build a workforce that can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.