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The Right Fit

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Resumes Don't Tell the Whole Story

When it comes to finding you the best pharma candidates for your opportunities – resumes, education, and experience don’t always tell the whole story. To be competitive and innovative in the rapidly-changing world of Pharma, you also need individuals with passion and diverse perspectives to infuse your organization with the vigor and energy to meet the unknown challenges that lie ahead. So, in addition to delivering candidates with the skills and expertise to meet the specific challenges that you have already identified as mission-critical, we pride ourselves on supplying professionals with the right set of qualities to meet the uncertain future head-on, with creative approaches to what lies ahead in an always-adapting and transforming industry.

Identifying & Filling Your Unique Needs

Each company has their own unique workforce needs, determined in part by their specific company mission, culture, and values. And, TPG Staffing Pharma always takes these distinct needs into account when sourcing and placing the best pharma candidates for your organization. That’s why we conduct an in-depth analysis of each of our clients before recommending any candidates for employment. We need to truly understand what makes your company unique so that we can staff your open positions with the individuals who will fit best within your existing workforce, giving them the best chance to significantly contribute to your long-term success. No candidate exists in a vacuum, and we do everything we can to make sure that the individuals we recruit for your organization are positioned to fit into your team seamlessly and hit the ground running.

photo of female employee wearing lab gear examining test tube
photo of female pharma employee wearing white lab coat examining beaker

Leveraging the Power of Diversity

At TPG Staffing Pharma we also understand that “the right fit” doesn’t mean simply selecting candidates with the same set of backgrounds and experience as your current staff. Diverse perspectives and experience can enhance the productivity and innovative potential of any organization, and we make sure that we “cast a wide net” when seeking candidates to fill your open positions. This enables us to find individuals who will bring their own unique talents and points of view to your team, giving you a distinct advantage when confronting unexpected challenges and opportunities in the future. Diversity of all types in your workforce gives your organization a genuine competitive advantage in the increasingly global pharmaceutical industry. And, our team of Pharma staffing professionals can help you leverage this source of competitive advantage by providing you with a diverse pool of candidates to consider.

Giving You Hiring Flexibility

Even the most exhaustive search efforts can sometimes lead to a hire that just doesn’t work out for whatever reason once the candidate begins working at a given organization. At TPG Staffing Pharma we do everything we can to avoid this situation occurring, but sometimes real-world results on the job just don’t match up with expectations based upon a candidate’s previous responsibilities and experience. This is where partnering with a staffing company like TPG Staffing Pharma can be extremely helpful for the long-term success of your workforce.

In situations where a new employee simply doesn’t seem to mesh with your team even after these attempts are made, we can help you quickly find someone who will – while also helping the ill-fitting candidate move on to another position that would work better for them. We can help turn what can be an awkward situation into one that benefits all parties in the long run much better. For some organizations, this may even involve the use of “temp-to-perm” staffing options that let all parties get a feel for how a situation is working before committing to a long-term employment decision.

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