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Areas of Expertise

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Tap our Expertise in all Areas of Pharma Staffing

Success in the pharmaceutical industry relies on the efforts of highly-qualified professionals in a diverse array of specialties. To successfully fill your pharmaceutical job openings our staff utilizes their expertise and experience to identify and deliver high-quality pharma candidates to your organization. We don’t just specialize in staffing select scientific or business development positions; we offer you the benefit of our long history filling every position that is essential to success in this field. These areas include:

  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Scientific & Clinical Research
  • Medical Affairs
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Clinical Data & Statistical Analysis
  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Technical Writing & Communications
  • Business Development
  • Packaging Design
  • And many more

Drug Research Positions

Drug discovery research and drug design demands individuals with highly intellectual creativity and perseverance. Drug research also requires focused collaboration between team members from a diverse array of scientific disciplines, making qualities related to teamwork essential to their success. Many of these positions are also marked by a high degree of freedom in terms of hands-on supervision of each step in the workflow process, requiring individuals in these positions to be able to stay on task without close supervision. At TPG Staffing Pharma we can help your organization find candidates with this exact mix of qualities to ensure that your drug research positions are filled with individuals who are primed for success in their endeavors.

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Drug Development Positions

Drug development is a complex and highly regulated process, with many false starts and reassessments along the road. Individuals in this area need to be constantly ready to respond to setbacks in a positive manner and find new ways to approach the problems that arise. At TPG Staffing Pharma we understand not only the education and skills required of candidates for these positions, but also the mind-set and personality traits that tend to make individuals successful in these positions. In addition, we also appreciate the critical importance of abiding by regulatory guidelines and ethical principles in the areas of both clinical and pre-clinical drug development and pay close attention to any “red flags” in this area in candidate backgrounds. We know how one mistake in this area can prove extremely costly to an organization over the long term and will be tireless in our efforts to ensure that any drug development candidates meet the highest scientific and ethical standards.

Drug Commercialization Positions

At TPG Staffing Pharma we know that no matter how successful a pharmaceutical company is at research and development, the ability to commercialize a product is what economically fuels all other aspects of a company’s success. Our team of staffing experts can help you surmount this final phase of the drug life cycle by helping you fill your drug commercialization positions with the right selection of experienced professionals you need to succeed in the pharmaceutical marketplace. Many of these positions require data analysts who can help you determine the “big picture” of a drug’s safety, effectiveness, potential profitability, and place in the overall landscape of care for a variety of conditions. Other key contributors include marketers and salespeople who can help “get the word out" about your products to health care professionals and consumers. For each of these positions TPG Staffing Pharma professionals can help you get the right people onboard to help grow your business.